Rhythm of the Day

Morning Program

8:00 Teachers clean and prepare classroom, activities and snacks while welcoming early arrivals.
9:00 Children arrive
9:10 Circle Time in classroom: ……..
9:30 Artistic activity of the day and free play
10:30 Rest Time. A sweet and quiet time to rest our bodies and listen to beautiful lullabies.
11:00 Snack with daily blessings and thank you sung together.
11:30 Outdoor play and animals
12:30 Morning Program ends and we say goodbye to those children who leave early.

005 (2)Lunch

One of my goals for mealtime in conjunction with rest time is to send the children home satiated and comfortable. Adequate rest and time to digest their food and all of our activities allow them to be joyfully ready to be swung up into your arms and plans for the rest of the day. During lunchtime, tea and snack time we endeavor to model healthy eating habits, polite manners, a mood of thankfulness and cheerful conversation as well as do the clean up and dishwashing together which we all really enjoy.


Afternoon Program

1:00 Lunch
1:30 Story Circle inside the classroom
1:50 Goodbye Circle
2:00 Departures and Farewells
2:15 After Care for up to 6 children begins
3:30 Color Puddles Art Class or Aftercare Activities (crafts, music, play, baking)
5:30 Final Departure and Farewells