Summer Day Care Program

The Mother Tree Summer Program is for children ages 3 and up (with some exceptions).  Older brothers and sisters and friends are welcome and encouraged.  You can choose any days you want and alter those days from week to week, or skip weeks entirely as your summer needs vary.  There are only a limited number of openings each day so the first family’s to schedule their hours will get the reserved places.  We welcome drop in’s if it doesn’t overcrowd but we prefer to have the children scheduled from week to week as much as possible.

Summer Activities

  • Puppet Shows!
  • Beeswax Crayon Drawing and Painting.
  • Gardening and Woodworking
  • The Baking of bread from Grain to loaf
  • Clay and Cob modeling
  • Field trips- Blueberry and Strawberry Picking ( With Both  Miss Carolina and Mr. Rob).
  • Handwork arts including the Making of Musical Instruments out of recycled items ( we will have an awesome Summer time band).
  • Gardening, Outside Games, Dancing and Fort making
  • Singing Games and Circles
  • Oral Story Traditions, Fairy Tales and Puppet Shows
  • Midsummer’s Eve Festival and Birthday Celebrations
  • The Care and Feeding of our animal friends 

Please inquire if you are interested in Summer Care for 2015.

Aliana and Lorian are now babysitting regularly!!!
Please call to arrange any babysitting needs.