Color Puddles

Painting Day at the Mother Tree al Fresco 005

Welcome to Color Puddles!

Your children are invited to come to our newest addition to The Mother Tree— Color Puddles- our new Wednesday afternoon Art Class.    If you are interested in this class please contact me and let me know.  I am also able and willing to teach classes to adults one on one just ask.

This will be an artistic and creative playtime taught by Mrs. Carolina.  Together we will explore the rich world of imagination via color, story, texture and song…planting seeds that will blossom throughout your child’s life in a myriad of magical ways.

Color is limited only by what our imagination leaves unsaid. For children watery piles of pure color on paper are an ever changing experiment of creative joy. For them, Yellow is a sunbeam singing a song. Green grows like grass spreading out and over the whole field, and blue is the sea or the evening sky where a boy sits quietly by a bowl of rainwater waiting there for Purple who comes on quieter feet than Red who often crows like a Rooster. These and many other ‘Color Stories” serve to inspire and guide our work with the Rainbow as our young artists paint their way through the darkening days of Autumn and Winter Creating beautiful paintings to share with the whole family.

We offer beautiful materials that allow the child to use them in an open-ended and creative process that will enhance their sense of self. When painting with translucent water colors on a wet paper the colors flow in a magical way and offer a therapeutic color experience that is accessible to even the youngest child. We will then further their paintings with collage and natural materials gleaned from Nature that will appeal to the older children sense for beauty. All mediums will be worked in response to a nature story, songs and laughter.

Art is a primary natural source of therapeutic process that supports the developmental life stage of children and adults alike.

This class was inspired by the request of many children who received golden stars last year….. and my hope is that this class will be a bridge for us all to see and enjoy each other as well as new friends.


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