O-045 We try to keep The Mother Tree as affordable as possible while still providing a unique, high-quality program that truly nourishes your developing child. Please email for Tuition Details.

We are sometimes able to offer limited tuition adjustments based on financial need. After submitting your Enrollment Application, you may request a tuition adjustment form which entails work trade and other options. 

We provide an in home mixed age kindergarten and daycare rich in the domestic, creative and social arts. The Mother Tree is where children are celebrated with the beauty of the seasons and festivals of the year.  Imaginative play based learning blossoms within a rhythm that unfolds under the arms of a 200 year old Mother tree, our gardens and many little play nooks amidst the light and flowers. We share in experiential activities, provide rest time that leads to Oral Storytelling, Puppet shows, and plays if the group is old enough.  Watercolor painting, Handwork, music and singing games, the baking of bread from grain to loaf and other organic snack makings, potty training, and healing social interactions all create a full Rainbow of happy doings for the children and a vibrant parent community rippling with laughter, learning and Love.  I provide a bit of parenting counseling as needed and a listening ear on the side and always go the extra mile for magic.   Birthdays are special.   This is what I’ve devoted myself too. I am a Waldorf Early Childhood educator and artist and that means I take your child’s first time away from home as seriously playful and my opportunity to make a difference in your child’s wellspring for creativity lifelong.  True free play within a container that immerses them in the world where joy hatches the kind of healthy organs and growing capacities children need for true emotional intelligence and soul freedom. This is what I studied. My in home neighborhood community Waldorf offering is my niche and way to support my community having a healthy, connected,  life force-enriching-arts-based haven for childhood the way it should be. With trees to climb. organic gardens, flowers,  beauty, singing, noncompetitive games, literacy building. memory enhancing, social intuition, motor development and unconditional love.


We serve only 7 children Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am -1pm

Please contact me if you would like to enroll your child or children in our class for the upcoming School year and or the Current Spring Session which insures your place for the autumn term.