Resources for Parents

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Some Recommended Books:

Philosophy and Waldorf Education

Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out by Jack Petrash
This book provides an explanation of the curriculum’s three fold approach in Waldorf schools.

You’re Not the Boss of Me! By Ruth Ker
Understanding the six/seven year old transformation.

Education towards Freedom Lanthorn Press
This book covers all aspects of Waldorf education, dividing it into the preschool years, the first eight years (starting about age seven), and the last four years (from ages fourteen to eighteen).

Waldorf Education: A Family Guide Edited by Pamela Johnson & Karen L. Rivers
This is a wonderful resource for new parents. It provides the history, pedagogy, and philosophy of the Waldorf movement.

The Kingdom of Childhood, by Rudolf Steiner
an introductory talk on Childhood.

The Child’s Changing Conscienceness by Rudolf Steiner

The Incarnating Child by Joan Salter

The Challenge of the Will by Margaret Meyerkort and Rudi Lissau


Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne
Simplicity Parenting offers inspiration, ideas, and a blueprint for change: Streamline your home environment. Reduce the amount of toys, books, and clutter—as well as the lights, sounds, and general sensory overload. Establish rhythms and rituals. Discover ways to ease daily tensions, create battle-free mealtimes and bedtimes, and tell if your child is overwhelmed. Schedule a break in the schedule. Establish intervals of calm and connection in your child’s daily torrent of constant doing.Scale back on media and parental involvement. Manage your children’s “screen time” to limit the endless deluge of information and stimulation.A manifesto for protecting the grace of childhood.

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley

In a Nutshell by Nancy Foster Dialogues with parents at a Waldorf kindergarten.

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin
Practical introduction to early childhood development for parents.

Creating a Home for Body, Soul, and Spirit by Bernadette Raichle
A new approach to childcare that greatly inspires The Mother Tree practices.

Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young, Ellen Haas, and Evan McGown
This book will change the way you walk in the woods, whether by yourself or with your children. Strategies like questioning, storytelling, tracking, mapping, and practicing survival skills will inspire curiosity and encourage self-sufficiency. Based on feedback from nature mentors and educators around the world it is in essence good medicine for nature-deficit disorder. It is considered the essential guidebook for mentors, parents, teachers, camp directors, and others wanting earth wisdom combined with fun and exciting ways to connect children (and adults!) with nature.

Nokken: A Garden For Children by Book and Video by Helle Heckman
A Danish approach to Waldorf-based childcare- also truly wonderful.

Heaven On Earth, by Sharia Oppenheimer
I Highly recommend this one for parents new to Waldorf Parenting or for parents of the very young. It’s my favorite gift book for blessings ways and baby showers.

Whole Child/Whole Parent: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Parenthood by Polly Berrien Berends.

Understanding Children’s Drawings, M. Strauss Rudolf Steiner Press, England

Work and Play in Early Childhood, F. Jafke; Floris Books

Living Passages for the Whole Family: Celebrating Rites of Passage from birth to Adulthood by Shea Darian

Health and Wellness

A Guide to Child Health by M. Glockler and W. Goebel

Education as Preventative Medicine: A Salutogenic Approach by M. Glockler

Practical Resources for Songs, Stories, Festivals, and Handicrafts: A Child’s Seasonal Treasury compiled and Written by Betty Jones.

Eurythmy for the Young Child a guide for Teachers and Parents By Estelle Bryer.

Gesture Games for Spring and Summer, and Gesture Games for Autumn and Winter by Wilma Ellersiek..

The Birthday Book: Celebrations for Everyone by Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marije Rowling.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring Nature activities for Children by Irmgard Kutsh and Brigitte Walden
These are four books full of wonderful ideas and photographs of how it can really be.

Making Magical Fairy-Tale Puppets by Christel Dhom

Making Fairy Tale Scenes by Sybille Adolphi

Creative Felt Making: The making of toys and gifts by Angelika Wolk-Gerche

The Nature Corner Celebrating the year’s cycle with a seasonal tableau by M. v Leeuwen and J. Moeskops.

Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter Four books by Wynstones Press
Wonderful compilations of Poems, Songs and Nature Stories

Complete Grimms Fairy Tales by Pantheon books

Swedish Folk Tales by Floris books

A Time To Keep by Tasha Tudor




Many of these books I own and resource all the time but some I am happy to lend so long as they eventually wander there way back home. You can order many of these books at Rudolf Steiner Bookstore as well as at the Eugene Waldorf School Golden Goose Store located near the Dancing Weasel Toy Store 30 E 17th Ave, Eugene,