Activities of the Week

Art, Baking, Gardening, Woodwork and Handicrafts

Depending on the given day, you might find the children engaged with water colors, woodwork, weaving
with simple looms, basic sewing, drilling, sanding, nailing, constructing a simple sail boat, sword, or lantern, etc. Other favorite activities include daily drawing with beeswax crayons, wet felting, finger knitting, pottery, modeling with beeswax, and of course, baking.

On baking day, we grind the grain, awaken the yeast, mix it up, then knead  our ‘Dough Baby’  till it is ready to tuck into ‘bed’  where it will grow (rise)  over the course of the morning.  We sing songs while we knead and tell stories as our buns (both gluten-free and wheat)  are  baked in the oven. The purposeful work is joyful and deeply satisfying for the children and  tastes  most delicious.  That said, if the mood strikes we also might bake muffins, cookies, popcorn, ginger bread men, pretzels, bagels or pizza.


  Bread Day