Rhythm of Our Days

Rhythm comes in many ways, it is  the song of our heart beat, the days of the week, that night follows day…  the rhythms that makes up a child’s understanding of the world are celebrated in how our daily activities unfold from day to day and season to season. For example,  I refer to each of our days together as the name of the snack and activity we will experience that day. Instead of saying “It’s Thursday,” (which is an intellectual concept) I say, “It’s Soup day.” The children understand that immediately and are reassured because it recalls a remembered life experience.  They find comfort in the simple continuity of our days and weeks. When we transition from  one activity to another, consistent songs create a living picture for them. For example, a simple candle lighting ceremony is useful to build anticipation for our snack. We sing to the fire fairies to light our candle and because we do it every day the children flow along without need for coercion or lengthy explanation.  The simple consistent celebration of our daily work and play creates  health and inspires joy.  It is my belief that  “Joy hatches Healthy Organs.” — That is the joy that I endeavor to cause for your children.


Morning Snack
All of our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. We use only organic foods and prefer to harvest from our own bio-dynamic garden. Snack is comprised of traditional whole grains typically served in Waldorf Early Childhood programs along with raw fresh foods that broaden the palate and are a good source of healthy energy and real wellness. Occasionally there are small variations, but we try to maintain a rhythm that both compliments the artistic pursuits of each day and fosters a sense of security. Here is a typical weekly snack menu:

TUESDAY:  Raw Food Day (Baking Day)
Cut vegetables and fruits such as celery, carrots, apples, bell pepper, cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini with hummus or almond butter for dipping and Raisins and almonds.

WEDNESDAY:  Quinoa or Rice Day (Water Color Day )
Quinoa/Rice served with butter,  and Parmesan cheese; Tamari/soy sauce and golden sprinkles on the side and a lucky nut.

THURSDAY:  Soup Day* (Handwork/Gardening Day)
Rainbow soup comprised of a medley of fresh organic vegetables donated by our families with additions from our bio-dynamic vegetable and herb garden (or if it is Mermaid Surprise a medley of various seaweeds) with fresh bread (made in class) and honey butter.

* Please encourage your child to bring a contribution of vegetables or fruit from home on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our Daily Tea is a bit of a poem. Often we use mint, stevia, rosemary, fennel, lemon verbena, and lemon balm that the children harvest from our garden in the fall and spring. We also put in dried herbs gleaned from my summer wanderings or purchased in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs or Keith Hess our class herbalist and Eurythmist. Our winter dried herb tea is generally a blend of chamomile, rose hips, hibiscus, mountain mint, and elderberries. We add a bit of lemon or orange peel, licorice root with a dollop of honey or fresh stevia leaf.